Developing a visual identity for Dr. Mays Tayyar’s nutrition clinic

I worked on the commercial identity of a nutrition clinic that specializes in weight regulation and nutritional health. In collaboration with the client, I developed a brand identity that aligned with their vision and mission. This involved creating a visual identity, including a logo and color palette, that was distinctive and memorable.

To ensure consistency across all touchpoints, I also provided the client with a brand style guide that included guidelines for logo usage, typography, and visual elements. This guide serves as a reference for the client and any external partners to ensure that the brand identity is accurately represented in all marketing and communications materials.

By creating a strong and consistent brand identity, I aimed to help the nutrition clinic establish a clear and recognizable presence in the market, which can be crucial in attracting and retaining clients. The brand identity also helps to convey the clinic’s focus on weight regulation and nutritional health, which can help to differentiate it from other nutrition clinics.

Overall, my work on the commercial identity helped to create a professional and cohesive brand image that can be leveraged to build brand recognition and grow the clinic’s business.”


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