Designing LimoDubai’s Car Rental Website: UI/UX & Development

As the designer and developer for LimoDubai car rental website, I played a key role in creating the site’s overall branding and user experience. This included designing the company’s logo and choosing a color scheme that aligned with its brand values and target audience.

To ensure that customers could easily find the cars they were looking for, I implemented search engine optimization techniques and installed a filter system that allowed users to refine their search by criteria such as car model, price, and features.

I also worked on enhancing the visual appeal of the site, selecting the best way to display cars in order to highlight their features and make them stand out to potential customers.

In addition to my work on the website, I was responsible for creating and managing social media accounts for the company, designing content that conveyed the company’s identity and promoted its services to a wider audience. This included creating visuals, writing captions, and engaging with customers through comments and messages

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